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Undertale is an indie RPG released by Toby Fox on September 15th,2015. The game is very unique in many aspects making it very enjoyable to anybody looking for a change. Undertale features a gameplay option in which you can complete the game without killing anyone, something that hasn't been seen in many RPGs ever. The combat for Undertale is fought in small minigames, in which you control a heart and have to avoid being hit by anything that could come into contact with you. The game has tons of endings, all of which can be discovered in different ways, but the main endings boil down to 3: Neutral (kill/spare equally), Pacifist (don't kill anything), and Genocide (kill everything). In terms of aesthetics, Undertale features charming, old-style graphics and an extremely good soundtrack with over 100 songs on it. For a game with about 2 hours of gameplay per route, that is a lot of music, and pretty much all of it is memorable. The game's story is extremely interactive and immersive, causing you to actually feel remorse for killing an in-game character which is a feeling I have never experienced before. Undertale is well worth the money and I highly recommend purchasing it.

Undertale is $10 on Steam: Link to Steam Page
Mother 3
Mother 3 is a Japanese RPG developed by Nintendo (made by Shigesato Itoi) that was released on April 20th, 2006. Mother 3 is the sequel to the 90's cult classic, Earthbound (AKA Mother 2), however there are quite a lot of differences. Mother 3 features similar combat and art style to its predecessor, and the music is just as fantastic. Mother 3 follows the journey of Lucas and his friends, Boney, Kumatora, and Duster, on their quest to discover why the PigMasks are attacking their simple and quiet lifestyle. There is a lot of tragedy and bonding among the group, and the ending is completely unexpected. This game is fantastic, but can only be played with an emulator and a fan-translation. The game was never localized due to the failure of Earthbound in the US. If you have the time to play this masterpiece of a game, I highly recommend it to anyone.

Mother 3 Fan Translation: Link to website
Hotline Miami 2
Hotline Miami 2 is an indie game developed by Dennaton, released on Steam on March 10th, 2015. The game is an old-style top-down shoot 'em up featuring a fantastic soundtrack and pixelated but extremely bright graphics. The game follows the story of various people all caught up in the same situation; They all want to know more about the "Miami Mutilator", a serial killer from the late 80's who specifically targeted the Russian Mafia. The people in the story all have some sort of a connection to the killer, and what they do with it is discovered throughout the game. The game is centered around gameplay mostly, but there is a complicated story (which involves a lot of research and knowing backstory). The gameplay is fluid, involving lots of awareness of your surroundings and knowing where everyone is at all times in the level. With artists like Carpenter Brut, Perturbator, and Scattle playing in the background, this is an exhilirating experience as a game, and once you play it you will want to play it until your eyes hurt!

Hotline Miami 2 Steam Page: Link to Steam Page